Cool-Touring also provides guided tours. Our officially-qualified tour guides will show you around Galicia’s greatest attractions.

We provide this service to cater for your requirements, so please let the guide know about your time availability, interests and how deeply you wish to explore each subject. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind!

Tell us what interests you …

…and we can organise a trip to anywhere in Galicia that you may wish to go.

You could discover Galicia’s main historical cities like Santiago, Pontevedra or Betanzos.

We can also introduce you to fishing villages and towns like Noia or Combarro, important archaeological sites like the Baroña Hillfort or the site of A Lanzada. Of course spectacular natural environments like the Ons islands also come highly-recommended.

Let us surprise you

Tell us about your interests and we will design a personalised tour for you.

Tell us, for instance, if you’re interested in archaeology, gastronomy, natural scenery or traditional crafts. Tell us about your group, how many of you there are, if young children are part of the group or any other issue you want to bring up.

We will design an itinerary for you, send you a proposed budget, pick you up wherever you prefer and take you back to the same place after a unique and refreshing experience.

Personalise your tour

For Santiago we offer the same routes which are explored in our Audio-Walks, but accompanied by an official guide.

We can also cater for a visit that includes all three walking tours or a more traditional tour of the absolute musts of the Old Town.

We know that no two customers are the same and we strive to accommodate your requirements by providing a range of options for your visit to Santiago.

Are you a cultural association?

At Cool-Touring we are commited to culture so if you are part of a cultural association you can enjoy our discounts.