We have chosen a number of Galician products to put together a gourmet menu that’s specially designed for you. The products have been chosen not only on the basis of their top quality, but also because they are made by companies which, like us, take an artisan’s approach to their produce, with effort and dedication.

Porto Muíños seaweed salad

Desde su fundación en 1998, Porto Muíños, ha ido Since its foundation in 1998, Porto Muíños has gradually established seaweed as a standard product in both restaurants and private kitchens. Although seaweed played other important roles in the Galician cultural tradition, it was not, as is the case with Japanese culture, considered part of its cuisine. The achievements of this small canning factory lie not only in having popularised seaweed as a comestible but also in having introduced an altogether new product into Galician gastronomic culture.

This pack includes an excellent seaweed salad so that you can experience an explosion of Atlantic taste in your mouth.

White Tuna Belly and Variegated scallop “La Pureza”

This small canning factory, spanning more than three generations, is found in Cariño, to the north of A Coruña province, exactly where the Atlantic Ocean embraces the Cantabrian sea.

Due to its geographic position this artisan company brings together the Cantabrian and Atlantic canning traditions, each one with its products and recipes, while placing value on the Cantabrian Galicia, often overshadowed by the spectacular landscapes and productivity of the Atlantic Rías, although there is little to choose between them.

Lalinense cold cured meat and pork shoulder with turnip tips

Embutidos Lalinense is a family-owned company started in 1949 with the aim of developing high quality cold cured meats following the tradition of the Deza region.

In the last few years they have begun to apply their artisanal knowledge to a line of products which whilst based on traditional recipes and know-how are still innovative in their approach.

This menu is based on pork shoulder with turnip tips (grelos), one of our typical winter dishes. This family company presents it as a cold cured meat filled with the grelos, to be cut into slices or cubes.

Country cheese

As a place which is renowned for its many varieties of cow, Galicia could not fail to produce top-quality cheese. Galician cheese is generally fresh and creamy, perhaps because it is so good that we can’t bear to wait until it is cured.

Our pack includes an excellent “country cheese”. A cheese with a very creamy texture made from raw milk. The resulting product is a cheese of a quality to compete internationally.

We recommend that you save it for desert to be served with the following product…

“Amieiro” apple cake

Ana Docanto, an associate of the canning factory “La Pureza” decided to launch a “spin off” and venture into the vegetable sector, founding the canning factory “Amieiro”which produces processed vegetables, jams and marmalades.

The venture turned out rather well, as you can find out for yourself if you would like to sample this apple preserve for those with a sweet tooth.

Vino Crego ye Monaguillo: Godello

Boasting five protected wine-producing areas (Denominaciones de origen), Galicia is one of the top wine-producing regions. Acidic notes and a pleasant Atlantic freshness are characteristics most associated with these wines.

Our suggestion is a white wine from the Monterrei area, which is producing some of the best wines in the last few years. This wine comes from the “Crego e Monaguillo” winery, one of the longest-standing wine-producing families. They presently combine traditional grape processing techniques with the latest technologies in order to offer a top-quality product.

This winery’s name also has a story behind it…

Casa Marcelo Bread

Galicia is a land of bread. Far from being a mere supplement to the menu, bread is a product with a strong personality in its own right.
This pack includes some bread which features among the best in Galicia. The Galician baker Marelo Tejedor, who has been awarded a star by the Michelin Guide, is one of the great modernisers of Galician cuisine. He prepares twenty-first-century delicacies which are well grounded in local traditions; where bread takes on a fundamental role and is carefully kneaded with the flour of a variety of cereals.

Without even leaving the house you can enjoy this excellent bread, straight from the oven of one of the most recognised culinary creators of Galicia.